Bre's birthday!

It's been a month, sure, but I'm bad about updating lately anyway. My dad and stepmom made the pillowcase for her. She had a great time, all of her best friends. She was able to hang out, but no one minded when she ran away and had some quiet time.

Compare to Sam and Dan's birthday party, which they shared last weekend. It was wild, crazy and every one had fun. Mom bought waterguns for everyone, which meant that even though the heat index was over 100ยบ, they were outside squirting each other down. Fortunately we had a little wading pool filled up, so the kids jumped in and out of that to cool off. With a huge watermelon to snack on, the outside play was awesome. Inside we played with the pokemon beanbags I crocheted. The kids (and some adults) had a great time.

Hard to believe they're seven and nine now. They've always been part of the "Littles" (younger half of the family) but Emily and Rachel were tackling the same jobs they have now, at that age. So, trying to open up and let them be the big kids too. Not easy, when I've held that division in my head, the four bigs and the four littles. Not fair to them either, I don't guess. Anyway, i hope to upload the pictures from my phone (Yep, camera is STILL broken) and my dad took pictures too, and I'm waiting for those, then I'll blog about it all!

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