Updates, of a sort

Sitting here watching Hook. Yet another reminder of letting go of what adults think is important, and being with our kids.

Past few weeks have been hard. Breanna had a really hard time with surgery, sick sick sick, painkillers made her sick. She got an infection three weeks postop. She's better now, but her palate is still sore. Her teeth are moving FAST, and she's already got her bands installed.

We spent a week on vacation, and had so much fun. For the first time we didn't fill it with trips to zoos or museums, we stayed at the hotel, except to go eat or buy Build-a-Bear clothes or visit the American Girl store. We swam and swam. And swam! But you know, if kids are having fun, then there is a parent who is working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly: Swimsuits dry from trip to the pool, everyone has something allergenic free to eat, favorite stuffies get found from under truck seats. I was glad to get home and rest ;-)

Josh has been busy with planning his Eagle Project, and volunteering across the town. The girls are busy with planning sleepovers. The boys are eager to read, so they have been practicing a ton. It's really fantastic to see Sam, especially, who has been labeled with this and that, to start reading on his own. No judgment. No esteem slamming. Just encouragement and love from his family and friends.

We've been watching a lot of movies, doing the Netflix to death. At least we're getting our money worth lol! Everyone's just about filled up their reading programs for the library, but we won't go to how I feel about that. I just don't like the program, but the kids like their freebies. They actually read more without it, or I should say, more appropriately. It's sad to see them pick short small books, so they can fill it up.

My camera is still broken. I need to download the pictures from my phone, which is another long boring story. My Facebook has a bunch of stuff, just because it's two buttons to get them uploaded bwahahah!

I'll try to work on pictures. A blog just isn't my blog without pics!

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