"Oh my goodness" update

So here I am again, hat in hand, begging forgiveness. I promised to keep you updated, and when push comes to shove, the blog goes to the back burner. Things have been crazy here!

Let me esplain....no, there is too much. Let me sum up ;-)

Two weeks ago I broke a varicose vein in my leg (you might remember, I posted pictures). I've always had bad veins...well, bad for my circulation, a phlebotomist tends to love them, easy to find, easy to poke. During pregnancy, it's a lost cause really. Well, I tripped, and just the sudden pressure change in the muscle of my lower leg caused it to go like a water balloon. Talk about excruciating pain. Seriously could not walk for three days.

On top of that, I had a class that I signed up for in MARCH...that was in the following week. So, with lots of ol' lady support hose and a double dose of Butcher's Broom (as suggested by my lovely cousin-in-law), I managed to handle 8am to 8pm classes (except for the day we went to 10pm ) It was actually an awesome class, on ways to teach science from an open inquiry point of view. I would definitely do it again, but it took a week for my old carcass to recover. Add in almost back to back meetings last week, seriously, fifteen minutes late for EVERYthing. sigh...

In the same time period as my class, Zane took a week of vacation time, stayed home with the kids, butchered landscaping and tried to keep the kids on schedule for all the activities they usually undertake. I must admit my unChristian joy at his struggles. So very wrong...but it did make me feel better about ME struggling day to day to keep the kids involved and active and unschooling.

On top of all that, Josh asked for some outside classes. I firmly believe that unschooling is the answer for our family, but I can see developmentally how his intelligence has moved into a concrete stage (for you Piaget fans) and he really is desiring not only more demand on his spirit, but on his mind. So, while he's volunteering two places this summer (public library and the Center for Children and Family), and working on his Eagle project for scouts, he's still wanting more. Anyway, long story short, I've spent the better part of two weeks trying to find academic classes that are 1) smaller, 2) less expensive, and 3) within my belief system. We found something, it stretches my comfort levels, but he's excited about it. It's a year, and honestly we could quit at any time...if we truly didn't like it.

Girls had a play, built quilt squares, want to do Grammar (of all things) and math. Can't understand it ;-)
They are awfully cute, and helpful, and just awesome kids.

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