pregnant belly

Can't see it very well, it's a photobooth picture, but figured my faithful readers deserved a baby update...I'm going to defend myself by saying I'm wearing Zane's clothes and they aren't very flattering. lol!

32 weeks, five days. I've gained 35 lbs, which is pretty good for me. The healthy eating helps, as does all the weight I lost right before getting pregnant. Trying to walk faithfully is the best help.

She is a troublemaker, though. Anterior placenta, she's headdown but facing forward. We had a marginal previa for a two months, but it slowly moved up enough that we could plan another homebirth.


Zane W. Gray said...

...and even more cute than the day that I met her!

hahamommy said...

Early labor with Hannah, I did the hands & knees "cat stretch" (arched back, tucked head, then dropped back with head up) and she FLIPPED out of her sunnyside up position ♥ I'm so happy to see your belly!!