This is halloween...hahahalloween!

Prayer from our priest this morning as he blessed the children in their costumes

‎"Blessed are You, Lord our God; you have given us spirits of joy and wonder. We wear costumes and masks to help us play tonight at being princesses, super heroes, and things that go bump in the night. Make these costumes signs of all the ways you show yourself to us and make our hearts glad to be your creation."

The kids had a great time at church, then came home, and got ready for their party!


Making a dirt cake 

and our gluten free monster cupcakes



 I got connections...

My handsome little energy sucker...Nathan was a vampire

The pumpkin of doom...seriously, a hallow cake filled with icing for halloween

The zombies attack

My cute lil kittie cat

It's not all fake sweets

Fun and games for all

Nathan was in love with Josh Bs pumpkin

and before walking the neighborhood, we danced to fun music

Even Nathan did the monster mash

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