Christmas Eve, in the hospital

 Since we were trapped in the hospital having a baby...Zane brought the kids (and dinner) up to me. My parents came by also, to visit and see the babe...they just HAPPENED to have a truck load of presents for us. My sister came as well, and it was like a big PARTY!
Nathan liked the bed...

Granpa watching them open presents...do you see the quilted crown on Ava's head? 
Homemade, from the 'rents

And Zane got to hold his baby, for just a little bit

Surprise visitor! Father Alan came by to greet the little girl, and sooth my hurt feelings.
Poor guy called to see how we were doing, and I cried about how lonely I was
Imagine him swinging by and finding 13 extra people in the itty bitty room!

My sis. Poor girl, Talia cried nearly the entire time. We didn't know about her tongue tie at that point, so she was hungry and grumpy

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