More snow days!

We had an entire WEEK of snow day! I had already decided we were taking it easy this week, because everyone had been sick. Just one week of lounging around, cut back on chores, no nothing! Great news was that the weather cooperated to keep Zane home as well...so it went much better on my side!

Boys with croup do not get to play outside, so the first few days consisted of Nathan leaning out the windows.

 But once he was better, he got to bundle up and escape!
(Thank goodness, he does much better with at least an hour of outside play)

 Rachel spent a good deal of time outside too. I think the other kids were over the joy from last time!

Dan didn't want to go outside, until we found his snow pants! Then he was good!

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Zane W. Gray said...

The boys vs. girls snow ball fight was the best! There was no clear winner, but 5+ hours of building the forts led to an exciting 20 minutes of hurling snow across the battle lines.