Rachel's Birthday

How did it get to be March already? Yikes! I've been meaning to post these for a while, oh, since the end of February lol!
My lil girl turned eleven...how can that be? It seems like just yesterday she was born, my first homebirth. I remember being in the shower, and yelling at the midwife that it wasn't working, it still hurt. The midwife was awesome, just kind of laughed. In hindsight, that was because Rachel Anna(for my mom)Louise(for my Grandmother) was actually crowning at the time! From my chubby ten pounder, we have this:
Firestarter extraordinaire 
 Who is a great friend, and has great friends that we love to spend time with
 Full of blessings, outside of all that she has
Eleven has never seem so grown up
 On my tablecloth, after the party, some few doodles

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Zane W. Gray said...

A blooming artist with a ton of potential. She will be great in whatever she chooses to do. Hard to believe that she is already 11...