Easter Day fun...

Baskets for a boatload of kids!
 A special book from Granma and Granpa Peel
"Where's mah KANDY!" 
 The boys..
 Looking out at the rain...glad church had their egg hunt yesterday!
 Doesn't everyone have Easter oranges?
 Yer never too old for a basket!
 My big beautiful girls...
 Sassy though they may be!
 So precious to me
 and still good friends, even stuck together 24/7
 Bre, in her Easter finery. You'll note, however, that she did take a shower
 Back up dress, after she barfed all over her Easter outfit
 Nate, the great!
 My sparkley princess type daughter
 So beautiful (and agreeable)
 He wanted to show ya'll his special 'shoclate'. He licked it just before he tried to share.
 Indoor egg hunt. Thank GOODNESS for a big basement.
 Totally staged
 Not staged lol
 Josh, digging through the eggs before deciding if he wanted to pick this one or not. Nice.
 Eggs all over. See Emily's hand sneaking in? That's what Rachel is looking at.
 Bre had her own egg hunt in her room. She couldn't deal with the chaos of everyone else.
 Happy happy girl....
 "Huh?" says the baby!
 "Oh heeeeey! I know you!"
 No, she did not get to eat the chocolate. But everyone was amused by her holding the carrot candy.
 "If only my arms would work right!"
 Little bit jazzed on sugar

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