Tour, down the stairs

We have a great basement, and in fact, it's what sold us on the house. 
We recently moved B out to the outerbasement rooms, by her request. 
It's a little quieter, there aren't rooms above, just an outside deck, and the walls are thick concrete, so not a lot coming through them either. There aren't people walking through to get their laundry from the laundry room either. She's very happy!

Unfortunately she still has our little TV, as this used to be the TV room. She still has the XBOX as well. 
 Bre's exroom is now the TV/game room. Without a TV, I guess it's the game room from now on!
My sewing desk is to the right, fortunately you can't see the piles of fabric behind it lol!
 The other side of the game rom. You can see the laundry system of blue crates, and we're starting to spread out on the shelves that used to house B's stuffed animals.
Our plan is to get another TV for video games and also some more seating. 
But for now it's nice to be empty.
 The rest of the girls share this big ol' room.
There are actually five beds in this room, bunkbeds and a single in the back, then Ava's bed with a rollaway underneath.
 Their clothes closet, very organized
 And the doll closet, although there are shelves above that hold their scouts and craft projects
The other side of the girls room, Behind E's dresser is Ava's half, a bathroom door, and all her stuff
Learning room: the toddler side part 1
 The Learning room: the toddler side part 2
The Learning room: big kids side

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