I just called, to say, I'm sorry!

I have not been on as much as I planned lately! We've been trying to get a lot of outdoor stuff done before it gets too hot, as it is, I think many of our things have been too hot! We went to the zoo, various parks and lakes, yesterday hit the Omniplex. I would give you pictures, I am a SUCKA for pictures, but I am too lazy right now to download them from the camera. 

As it is, our electricity has been out for over 24 hours. I am SO thankful that dh is an IT guy, because he's managed to get me online before the withdrawal started. Seriously....I was looking forward to today being the day we stay home and relax and I could catch up with all my online friends.

Anyhoo, if OG&E isn't totally full of crap, they'll replace all the lost power poles in our neighborhood tomorrow and we can stop wasting gas in the generator. sigh. Lost all of our outdoor stuff...which makes me sad. Makes the kids sad too, but they are sunshiney critters who are excited that the trampoline all folded up and sideways makes a GREAT jungle gym. And the swingset being blown across the yard put it in a new place (never mind that it's not really sturdy). And the castle is now on it's side, which means that there are TWO rooms beside each other rather than one on top of another. Excuse me while I roll my eyes!

I'll try to do pictures tomorrow while I'm at a friends house.

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Zane W. Gray said...

I cherish our children's' positive attitude (as well as their ingenuity!)