Alabaster Caverns...vacation day 2

What a great stop! The guides were very knowledgable and nice...
strict, but when you're taking groups of kids you don't know into 3/4 mile hike underground,
I can't blame them!

 Waiting for our tour
 In the hiking pack, which she prefers to any other carrier

 Woohoo! Caver parking only! I was tempted by the 'bat crossing' sign, that would match my turtle crossing sign. And there were several great patches in the park office.
 Rare form of gypsum, called alabaster (shocking, i know)
 Our fearless leader
 tram ride back to the office, Nathan's favorite part!
All the kids did really great, even Bre enjoyed it.


 Hiking the plateau afterwards


Eve said...

Hi, Melissa. I'd love to e-mail you some time to "chat" about raising a larger-than-average family while homeschooling. I'm a mom to 4 (soon to be 5), oldest is 9 and youngest is almost 2, and we live on the west coast. If you're interested in answering some questions of mine, would you send me an e-mail? I tried to find yours through your blog but couldn't. Thanks!

Melissa said...

sure! I'll try do that!