I've been saving them up so far!

1. That fall has arrived with cooler weather
2. For knitting night, with my friends and daughters
3. For Josh's cooperative classes, and the teachers he respects and learns from
4. SO very thankful for Emily's and Rachel's teachers, and the things they learn from them
5. That I am capable of standing outside OU stadium for eight hours selling programs, yay healthy body!
6. For a spiritual leader who is capable of teaching us all, that we can respect and strive to follow
7. For my husband, who works hard every day to supply us with the physical and spiritual goods
8. For a cub scout group that is accepting of all needs, regardless of ability/belief
9. For the ability to dress warmly, and eat a hot meal, when so many are not
10. For a psychologist that we were so blessed to find, and keep, for 12 years. We'd be lost without her
11. For our family, close by and far away. For those born into our group, and those that we've been blessed with later on by marriage or adoption!
12. For my homeschool friends, and the ability to meet with them to talk. And for the forgiveness when I can't quite make it
13. For a repainted and clean girls' bathroom, that looks so lovely. I really need to post pictures!
14. For our lost little angels, who remind me of what could have been
15. For our many blessings, who remind me of what IS
16. That Josh has a job he loves
17. For Meals on Wheels and our chance to meet older citizens who have so many stories to tell
18. For spending the night with the church youth group, what a blessing those kids are!
19. For a Saturday with nothing to do except recover
20. For dinner with my family
21. For a new little kitty
22. For our chance to build a new deck..woohoo! Outdoor living space!
23. For the opportunity to spend time with my church family, helping others and helping ourselves

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