Question of the month: Are the Grays still alive??

The last two years? Crazy.
Me? Certifiably crazy.

I have been shocked at myself...barely hanging in there. However, I asked my doc for help, and she recognized that my lifelong anxiety had finally reached a point that I needed help. I've always been so anti medication, until Breanna reached a point that she could not live in society without help. And once that happened, I slowly came to realize that my issues have messed up our family enough. And I gladly pay the price to raise my kids within normal realms.

It's funny to look back over nearly forty years of life and realize that so many things that made me abnormal, really are normal for someone with aspergers. It's nice to have the validation from a professional, and meds to help. I'm trying to figure out who I am, I've never NOT had anxiety and depression as part of my life. Now I can see them, and address them, and fight the dragons, i guess.

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Zane W. Gray said...

Just remember that you are never alone in your struggle. We (your friends and family) are always here to help.