Bad habits

I have a terrible dislike of posting without pictures. I'm not sure why, most of them don't need a picture, at least not the ones about me. Kids, yes. Places, yes. Me, not so much. So, I'm going to try to post every day here, and get out of the habit of posting at yahoo 360. I love that blog, it's my first, and i can't stand the thought of losing two years of wonderful things about the kids. Dh says that we should print it all out and have it spiral bound. Me likes it.

Anyway, still going two miles every day. I'm really enjoying the time, and dh is totally behind me. The past two weeks I've been trying to add some running in. Now, I'm forty pounds overweight, so I like to run in the dark. Unfortunately nature is working against me, because last night I left at my usual time (6pm) and the sun was still up. Sigh. So I'm just going to suck it up. It's not like I'm running two miles, but last night I probably jogged about 1/3 of a mile before the heart attack kicked in. So I run a bit, walk about 4.5 mph until my breathing is back under control, and then jog some more. Once I can run one mile straight, I'm going to add another mile to the walk. Anyway, that's my goal. That and to break my fear of posting sans pictures. :-)


Wee Wah said...

Blurb.com can take your blog and make it into a book. Easy to use and not to spendy.

Melissa said...

Cool! Thanks so much for the suggestion