I went walking....

So my friend and I created a 'taking care of me' plan for the new year. There were several goals I created, most of them achievable. My favorite one so far has been to walk every day. The first few days, I just started walking around the neighborhood, as fast as I could. I was keeling over, muscle aches, exhaustion. Finally, as I was driving to the store I thought I'd drive it to see my mileage. What?! I figured out each loop was one mile, and i was doing four or five loops! 

So now it's down to two miles. And I've started running. Not a great deal, but a few blocks at a time, until the chest pains start (then follow my Swedish dad's advice, 'walk it off' This is the guy who tried to walk off a broken leg when he was twelve). The iPod has been GREAT....dh got it for my anniversary present (I'm not sure which year it's supposed to be, but I love it). It helps me keep my rhythm and gives me a tangible goal (Just run til the end of this song)

I haven't lost a great deal of weight, but I feel MUCH better. Although five pounds isn't much to sniff at. If I was skinny as my friend, I'd be wasting away by now. ;-)

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Dawn said...

Us Swedes are tough aren't we! :)

I've been walking 3 miles on the treadmill. I walk fast for 30 minutes and then just try to slowly walk until I hit 3 miles. It takes me about an hour but the point is to just do it right? I'm trying to not think about the 100 pounds I have to lose in total. Your 360 post with the quote from Health.com really helped me get moving. Thanks!