Confessions of a CF husband....

My most addicted blog right now, is here. It's written by a man who is married to a woman with cystic fibrosis. Facing a double lung transplant, she finds she's pregnant, and chooses life. While her health deteriorates, they wait as long as possible to deliver the baby via c-section...and that's where *I* joined in. I have read back nearly a year...and it is an amazing blog. His faith, his hope, his passionate love for his wife, Tricia, and his preemie daughter Gwyneth is inspiring. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that while all this is going on, he consistently is thinking of others on transplant lists and in the NICU, and asks prayers for them as well. 

I particularly love the post I linked to, one in which he confesses all of his 'weaknesses' but overall raises my esteem for the man. He is truly a blessing for anyone who reads his blog, and is blessed in this life as well as the next one.

Check him out, lift up your prayers and well-wishes. 

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