Favorite Superbowl Commercials

First of all, when pushed to a choice:
Giants: Sam, Dan, Rachel,  Josh and Dad
Patriots: Mom (feeling lonely, but Avari will cheer with me "Go Pickerwiots")
No one: Emily (teehee)
No care: Breanna

Fed-ex at 6pm
Careerbuilder.com at 6:24
Planters nuts 6:37
Sobe, with the Thriller lizards
Dan LOVES the daytona commercials

Tom Petty at the half-time. OMG. No words to say how much we love him

Cars.com at 7:30
Bud light, at 7:53
Coke at 8:05
Coke at 8:13 (bipartisan)

Dang it, final score is 14 to 17, Giants. Sigh. I'll have Giants on my forehead tomorrow. 


My Success Journal to Becoming a Millionaire said...

Hello Melissa,

I appreciate your comment and your support. Keep visiting my blog, your support is appreciated.

Best of luck to you and keep writing about yourself.

Go Giants!


diana(hahamommy) said...

Welcome to Blogspot!! I can actually comment on your blog now :D YAY!! ♥

Melissa said...

Yay Diana....nice to see you!
I was thinking of you the other day, when we were walking through the park.

Hi Marvin...I'm still waiting for your $Million! :-)