What to be when I grow up?

So, following along with everyone else, I've been reading 'Eat, Pray, Love'. 

It really is as good as everyone says. I have a paper journal that I write my favorite quotes in, and I've decided I need to reread so that I can find my relevant quotes. This is such good timing, though. Unschooling has hit me hardest, because unlike the kids, I have set myself in stone, years of expectations and garbage that I have to clean up before I can be me.

Started therapy, that's helped as well. I've decided I want to be me when I grow up. I just need to find out who that is first. Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book "We get seduced by our own mantras and we become monuments to them." Man.  Later in the paragraph she says "I felt like a junkie in detox, convulsing in the poison of what emerged." How hard hitting, to recognize that your emotions can be just as addictive as any substance, for us control freaks. I'm so thankful for my Shine group, who emphasized for me this pathway to mental health!

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