Baby days flashback...'s

It's hard to believe that in just a little while Avari will be three. Saturday was a more laid back day, and as I was sitting on the backporch watching her play, I could hear the football game going on less than a mile away. Sweet memories, for you see, she was born during a home football game three years ago, and I remember just bursting into giggles during labor because it seemed like every time a contraction hit, OU would make a touchdown and the cheers would shake the stands. So this weekend, every time I heard cheers, my heart would melt a little bit...and I'd grin and say "Ava....I love you!"

First time she figured out her high chair made MUSIC!
First birthday...princess style
Her and the sling, like best buds. 

So, for me and my reminiscent heart, some pictures of Ava, a little smaller. 

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