And so a week later, an update

Sorry all my fans (lol!) it has been such a tough week. I mentioned bedrest, well, I started progesterone and it has done a FABULOUS job of helping. Everything is looking great internally, except me. It really does have some interesting side effects, including nausea (um, hello, expected to leave that behind a few weeks back), extreme exhaustion (like fall asleep driving sleepiness) and after my husband read a laundry list of other ones, he says cheerfully, "Look, irritability is listed!" Ya freakin think so??? Interesting that one would choose to point that out to the person suffering. 

However, instead of being flat on my back, I can get up and do some chores, and actually BE with my kids rather than subsisting beside them. They are such good helpers for me, and I'm so blessed. Fifteen weeks down, and 25 to go. We had a good week, visitors from out of town, trip to the fair, and tomorrow LOTS of scout type stuff. Whew! Post more later


Alex Polikowsky said...

glad everything es going well!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Alex...how are you guys? I check your blog but I'm guessing it's a busy time of year on the farm.