Hadn't really shared the news, after losing three I'm a little gun shy. 

However, at 14 weeks I'm being put on bed rest due to some contractions and dilation. Wish me best (thank God we home school) and pray for my poor hubby, who's already working on setting up a station for me in the basement to take it easy and watch the kids in the learning room and play room. :-)
He's even replacing the toilet in the basement to make me happy. bwahahaha!

I'm telling myself that this is just like Avari, with whom I was on bed rest for the last four months (and then went two weeks over my due date) and NOT like the three lost little angels we've missed. For those of you who never guessed from my post a few weeks ago...yes! We're pregnant!


Valadev said...

Melissa, congratulations! Hope the contractions ease and things go back to normal.
I am six weeks pregnant with baby six, our youngest is a little over two.
Will be thinking of you!
Cara Dove

Anonymous said...

Congrats yet again !!
Best wishes your way and you & the baby will be in my prayers. God works Miracls.
Get some rest and do what the Doc says.

Love yas ~
Your Cousin Jamie