Labor Day Meme, from Melly

Cool idea Melly!
Here's a blog with a TON of links for blogs who've done the meme!

How long were your labors?

1. Josh-14 hours, followed by emergency csection
2. Breanna-5 hours, induced
3. Emily-7 hours, induced
4. Rachel-8 hours, arom
5. Sam-
6. Dan-7 hours
7. Ava-

How did you know you were in labor?

1. When they hooked me up to the pitocin ;-) I was two weeks overdue, with a bp of 180/120. Totally mismanaged midwife pregnancy. Finally sent me to Mercy for an emergency induction when we failed the NST three times.
2. Back in the day, it was common knowledge that all vbacs were induced to prevent big babies. Duh! So she was induced on her due date
3. Still with the inductions, ACOG wouldn't change their story for another year. Softened with cytotec and induced with pit, just like Bre.
4. Saw a new midwife, and she finally diagnosed me with a pit dependency and broke my water three weeks after my due date.
5. My first natural labor!!! I finally realized I was in labor when I took Breanna to speech therapy. It was my first time all day to sit lol. I went to the hospital where they told me I wasn't progressed enough to take seriously, and he was born three hours later.
6. I realized when I was getting the kids ready for church. We were supposed to be there for some reason, so I breathed through church, came home, had a big dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and went upstairs to have a baby.
7. Doing housework, I suddenly realized.

Where did you deliver?

1. Hospital
2. Better hospital
3. Hospital with better OB
4. Home
5. Back to hospital
6. Home
7. Home


1. Pitocin and epidural
2. Pitocin and epidural
3. Pitocin and epidural
4, 5, 6, 7. Nothing


Yep, my first birth

Who delivered?

1. Dr Jerk, who didn't like emergency transfers from crappy midwives
2. Dr Michael Smith-O'Brian, one of the best OB's I've ever met
3. Dr Shelba Bethal-Still one of my fav OB's
4. GREAT midwife
5. Dr Bethal again
6. My husband
7. My husband


hahamommy said...

Cool meme!
Just one fussy correction:
YOU delivered your babies (well, I'll give dr. jerk the first delivery, the rest are YOURS!!) someone else caught, coached or attended them ♥

Melissa said...

LOL! that has been an ongoing discussion on the blogs who've filled the meme. I figured it was self-explanatory that *I* delivered ;-) and had a partner on the other side.