Still can't find my camera cable!

Grrr. I have some great pictures too, like the first leaf of fall in our backyard, and a fun trip to the omni, and some cute girls....sigh. But for now

Avari is adamant that the baby needs to jump with her on the trampoline. I explained that the baby is still inside me in a special bag to keep her safe. So she picks up the ultrasound pictures and says "I don't see a bag. I need this baby to jump with me...I mean, look, she has two legs!"

I think she's high on the homemade donut sticks we had for breakfast. TBH....we had indian tacos last night for dinner, I always make extras, whip together some powdered sugar frosting and drizzle it over frybread slices. It really does taste better than the storebought version.

Yesterday in church, Sam leaned over and whispered, "I picked out a wonderful name for the baby!" So I whispered back "Boy or girl?" and he excitedly says "It goes both ways!!" So I ask what this lovely name is, and he smiles beatifically and whispers "Snakers!" bwahahaha! I almost choked trying not to laugh!

Dan helped me go through the boys winter clothes last night, patiently trying on jean after jean, long sleeved shirt after another. He finally sighed and said, "Are we done yet?" Close enough. Sam tried on one pair of jeans...but honestly, it's painful for him to slide pants off and on over and over. 

Emily informs me that they have absolutely nothing to wear. I thought they had to be older to start with that. So I go through their dresser and yes, they have nothing to wear. LOL. We're just a bit behind on laundry. Zane tried desperately all weekend to catch up, and even threatened to take some to the laundromat (ack! I can't handle the idea of spending MONEY to do laundry) I talked him out of it, but really I have to prove that we can stay on top of it today. 

Josh has one more interview and he'll be caught up on merit badges. If you don't know how boy scouts work, it's a lot more work than cub scouts. You have to request that a counselor who has been certified by the council will agree to mentor you, BEFORE you start working on the badge, and then work with them along the way, and then at the end have them sign paperwork proving that you finished all of it. Then turn it in before the board of review. They cut him a break this year because there were terrible mix-ups in the requirements finished at Camp and finding counselors in our troop who could help him finish. Fortunately, his leader has enough knowledge about oceanography that she got approved to be a counselor and accepted and read his report. heesh, it's been some work. 

This last weekend was long, with four different scout events, a birthday party and two dinners. And that's just the boys. Fortunately for us the girls don't do much on the weekends. I'll try to find that cable today. Then you'll have an onslaught of pictures. 

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