Dh got a little bonus...

So I got a little something extra for the garage....like another gorilla rack. I really love these sturdy things! We had three already (two for dh's tools and house fixin' stuff, one for assorted storage), and bought two more. The cabinets above the freezer I demo'd myself from the kitchen. Dh hung them up out here, they were our first pantry. Now they hold our 25 lb bags of flour and rice to keep the critters out. See the ladder? The kids use that to get to the top shelves when they want to get a snack. Yellow topped buckets and tupperware is to hold opened beans, rice and flour to keep out critters. 
The far left shelf is now nearly all camping stuff, including coolers and camp chairs, while the middle will be holding kitchen stuff we don't use often....the 24"x24" cake pans and the cotton candy maker, for instance. We're still figuring stuff out so you'll see some blank spaces. The far right rack has paper goods, cleaners and bags, trash, ziplock, paper...and storage on top of all three for memorabilia.
I really like to be organized, and having appropriate storage is the first step. The racks really aren't expensive, I think $60 each? I like them better than built ins because they are easier and rearrangeable. Note I did NOT take pictures of dh's side. The tool bench is a little wild with all the tasks he's set himself for lately. He'd love a Saturday with nothing on the agenda so he could service the power tools and put them away in their special places. :-)

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