Big trash day

Was today. Kind of embarrassing to be the only house on the block with a pile this big. Our neighbors had a broken door and a cooler with no lid. Dang...white trash city. You see our truck is buried...that's how big the pile was. You can't even see the mustang.
You'll see the rails from our remodeled front porch, yep, from a year ago. Dh was sure they'd be useful for something. Yep...housing mice and possums. Old lawn mower that Josh got LAST big trash day from someone's pile that he was going to 'fix'. Green wood is the train table we built for Josh when he turned one. Awwww...There's also the first dining room table that dh and I bought, four years ago it lost 10 inches of each leg to become a play table for kids (when we bought our new dining table) LOTS of lumber from the deck. Pieces of wood from redoing the swing set. Busted out monitors from big trash day. Trampoline frame (can't order the mat anymore) Torn up gazebo tent. A toilet that dh let Breanna smash to pieces (her favorite verbal stim is 'who broke the toilet?' And who knows what else. BUT IT'S GONE FROM MY YARD!

I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it. The wildlife does not, except the feral orange cat that has been feasting on escaping mice and young moles. 

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