He's got beautiful eyes...

Josh has wanted contacts for about two years now, but the doctor wasn't sure his astigmatism and lazy eye would cope well.
Last year the doc mentioned that perhaps since his development was slowing down,
we could try out some contacts. 
I was pretty sure Josh wasn't ready for them. 
But last week at his exam, all three of us, josh, doc and I, agreed it was time.
We picked them up today. He LOVES not having his vision limited by steel frames.
No lenses popping out.
He has a schedule for getting used to them. Six hours today.
Twelve hours tomorrow. Until bedtime the rest of the week.
Barring complications, he can wear them for THIRTY days straight (day and night) after that.
THIRTY DAYS?! This is nothing like the contacts I knew growing up.


Heather said...

What a handsome guy!

Phoebe Gleeson said...

Stunning eyes!

Sylvia said...

Very cool for Josh. He looks great in his contacts. Really once a kid is old enough to wear them, they're so much better than glasses!

Melissa said...

He's pretty patient too, only slight eyerolling in the middle picture. I probably took about forty pictures of him...some were pretty funny too, but most he was really embarrassed in.

Wow. He's embarrassed? Is that one of Piaget's stages?

Blessed Wife and Mom said...

That is one handsome young man you have there. And yes, absolutely beautiful eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

wow that is so cool- I wish I had had contacts growing up- I love the you can SEE so much better with out glasses--