Does anyone see irony

in the fact that my daughters are earning 'Go Green' badges for the girl scouts fundraiser? It's not the fundraiser itself, it's the fact that are for magazines. They're getting the badges for entering orders online, rather than wasting the two sheets of carbon paper that the orders are normally taken on. 

However, the fact is that we ordered four magazine subscriptions, to the tune of 192 issues of various and sundry articles, craft ideas, and games. From straightdope dot come we see "Pulp and paper mills use a lot of resources--plant and process efficiencies vary greatly, but in my experience it takes roughly 1-1.5 pounds of coal to make 1 pound of finished paper from trees delivered to the mill. Pulp and paper mills require a lot of electricity, water, natural gas, and related chemicals to make paper--some mills I've been to use as much electricity as nearly 100,000 average American homes."

We know from conservatree dot org, that "1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree" and since the magazines we ordered have on average 30 pages, we've just bought 5, 760 pages of glossy mag pages.  For one year, we've staked claim on 11 and 1/2 trees. Ack! That's why we usually read them for free at the library, where someone else can claim blood price on a tree. 

But the irony is bittersweet, and the girls are excited to get these cute little polar bear patches that say "Go Green". And we will recycle them, in so many ways, before consigning their corpses to the recycle bin permanently (where they can be recycled up to 10 times!)

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