National Blog Post Month

I'm not by nature a 'joiner', but I do like to follow trends. I guess I'm a follower lol. When Mrs G  (I know, I keep talking about her, but how can you not love someone who brought back Derfward to me? much less named her blog Derfwad Manor...even dh loves her blog. Do you spell that s-y-c-o with a phant or fant?) posted about NaBloPoMO,  I thought "What a great idea! A kick in the pants, to keep blogging!" I can think of a few friends who might try this...ahem! You know who you are...I keep clicking on your blog and seeing the SAME ENTRY FOR A MONTH!


I can't promise it will be interesting, most likely it will be about my kids and me....so big surprise there.

But you'll learn all kinds of stuff you may or may NOT have wanted to know. ~wink~ There's a crapload of autism stuff coming up, and a crapload of baby stuff (like an ultra cool ultra sound coming up) So tune in and learn more about the Grayz than you ever wanted (or needed) to know.

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