New (to us) wardrobe

Mentioned that we went shopping at some second-hand stores. We started this way back when Breanna was little, she wouldn't wear anything that hadn't been washed 20 times, due to sensory issues. SOoooo, thought how ridiculous and started buying things that were already washed. not to mention how much money is saved. It seems ridiculous to pay $20 for a pair of jeans when you can buy a pair for $5 that look brand new. Anyway, here's the breakdown

$75 bought us:

Five pairs of jeans for Emily (two from GAP)
Three pairs of jeans for Rachel
One pair of corduroy pants for Rachel
One pair of velour pants for Rachel
Two pairs of jeans for Josh (Levis)
Two pairs of jeans for Breanna
Five long sleeved shirts for Emily (couple from GAP, one Bobby jack that she loves)
Four long sleeved shirts for Rachel
Five long sleeved shirts for Breanna (some from Eddie Bauer)
One funny t-shirt for Breanna ("Go Away...and Stay There")
One really cute purple corduroy dress for Avari from GAP.

I almost never find good jeans for young boys second hand. That's okay. Sam's club had levi's for $7 each a few months back and I stocked up. We got a good deal because Salvation Army's second hand is always 50% off on Wednesdays. AND the other shop gave us two shirts half off due to some small stains (which shouted right out lol!) Everything else was like new. I keep meaning to try the Outreach Center, people have told me they have great clothes, although they probably cost more than what I'm used to...plus they treated one of my friends like crap because she's gay. I don't know that I can look past that. Have opinions, but when you can't treat people like humans, you shouldn't be behind the counter. 


Jennie C. said...

Just an observation: It could be that your friend is hyper sensitive, too, and nothing was actually amiss. Sometimes, when people are self conscious about something, they interpret even minor and unrelated things as personal condemnation. Happens to everyone now and then, gay or not.

Melissa said...

I totally agree, 'assume positive intent' most of the time. But this was, they were very nice to her and her partner, until my friend said "Hey, honey, you like these shoes?" and when they went to check out a few minutes later, the lady smirked and said "We're Christians, we don't like gays shopping here."


My friend said she called later and spoke to the management about how that felt, but never went back to see if the same girl was working there.

personal_balance said...

I need to go shopping with you! Dang woman you are the thriftiest person i know. Every time i go to a thrift store (since after high school) i cant find anything that fits me (or the kids). I usually have great luck at the JBF sales but i couldnt make it to them this Fall. Aden needs clothes and I will need some too now that i lost 20lbs within 24hrs...lol

Anonymous said...

Wow Melissa,

In my family the grandchildren call my Mom HONEY. It caught on and now not only family but friends call her Honey too.

I wish the clerk would have said that to my Mom and not your friend.


How disgusting and sad that people are treated that way.

JennC said...

Being Muslim, we get the evil stare of death and occasionally rude comments. When I wrote an article about this for the Transcript last year, some rude comments on the website included the "you must just be hypersensitive" excuse. My response is that I think people should have enough trust in my intelligence and know that I know the difference between somebody who is looking at me normally, looking at me with some curiosity or confusion, and somebody who is giving me the "evil stare of death" or, for that matter, the person who says "go back to your country" or "we don't want terrorists here".

Alex Polikowsky said...
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Alex Polikowsky said...

Gee we have such a long way to go ...
Being a foreigner in this country I do understand but I don't let it get to me. It gets to my sister.
I have thicker skin.

Sorry about what happened to your friend. I understand.

Anyway I can never find good kid stuff at the thrift stores. Also they have gotten so expensive here in MN that it is umbelievable. Most times I can find cheaper stuff on Target for my kids than at Thrift stores.