Nice day today

Emily and Rachel are out camping with dad, and so I have only five (funny how you can have 'only' five kids with you) We didn't go anywhere, stayed home and cleaned up, I tried to catch up on laundry (hard to do when someone keeps peeing the bed lol!) We got the books rearranged in the basement.

Oh, the books!? Did I not tell you about these? The school that my SIL's girls go to, decided that they needed new books, so they were handing out their old textbooks for free. Dh told SIL to go ahead and get us one of each book they had, so she did (to the tune of 40 hardback and about 60 little reader magazines)! We are unschoolers, but that doesn't mean we don't like books! These are going to be great references, in fact, Emily spent a few hours last week comparing the teacher's edition to the regular textbook in the space science book. Rachel flipped through the body book and announced that she already knew all of that based on a puzzle book we bought last year at a garage sale. Anyway, a friend brought over a big L shaped desk for us, which happened to have built in shelves on the front. So, we were able to rearrange our textbooks in one existing shelf, and our fancy dancy literature books in the built in shelves on the desk, and all of our fun little paperbacks that the boys are getting old enough to enjoy on the other shelves. And our games can spread back out onto the shelves that dh built. I'll take pictures later, Emily took my camera to the campout to take pictures. 

Anyway, finished up the day playing outside in the gorgeous weather, thankful that it's so nice while the girls are camping. I read some old books mom gave me from 1976 about crockpot cooking and fresh bread ideas (and got some good ones), and Avari pounded some nails into the kidsized workbench we put on the back deck. I cheated and ordered pizza for dinner, and my friend came over to chat for a few hours while the kids played downstairs (presumably, they kept finding their way up to flirt with her)

They were all asleep by 10pm, in bed on their own even...because I was slacking off and chatting. So, I finally got my clean sheets on my bed, and I'm going to go take a quick shower so I can relax and enjoy clean-sheet night! My favorite day of the week (okay, maybe month)

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