Crazy Drivers

George Carlin once said, "anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot and anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac" I wonder ....what if you are the only person doing the speed limit? Does it still sound as crazy?

Yesterday I was driving to the city for my last meeting of the week (whew) and I was blown away by the driving that occurs during rush hour. I'm relatively protected, my driving usually occurs in the early afternoon or late evenings. Perhaps rush hour wouldn't exist if people just weren't so tired and self-focused at the end of the day. One guy on the cell phone, going just five miles under, obviously engrossed in his conversation as he swerved into my lane. Another driver doing FORTY in a 65 MPH as she ate, glanced at her GPS system (big enough for me to see in my car) AND talked on the cell phone. (If I hadn't been driving...I wanted a picture desperately to prove to people how INSANE THIS IS!) At least she didn't swerve at me...but there was a line of very impatient people behind her causing issues as THEY swerved to change lanes and get around her. Add someone adding cream to their coffee. An exhausted mom making eye contact with her child in the backseat, probably hadn't seen him all day. Everyone wanting to get home (or those unfortunate third shift workers just heading in)...

There was an accident yesterday, we drove by. I'm not sure how it occurred, it was in clean up stages. However, there was a blurb in the news...sedan driving N/S, and a motorcycle driving E/W. You can imagine who lost that one. The guy on the motorcycle lost a leg....severed was the word used on NewsOk. But you know it wasn't that clean....torn, broken and bleeding from his body. Severed just sound a bit too clean for the horrendous ending of this accident. Doc just posted about a girl caught speeding through a construction zone....107 MPH...busy on her cell phone...didn't notice?

What has happened in our society that this is okay? That driving two ton vehicles is SO taken for granted that those doing so don't need to take consideration for their actions? That while we're doing 70 MPH it's okay to remove a hand from the wheel to shovel food in our mouth? That reading the paper is okay? That resetting the calendar on your iPhone is acceptable practice? It's better when I drive because I only get glimpses of the idiocy....because when I'm a passenger, it makes me sick. I do have to applaud the blue Audi that was pulled over on the highway to talk on the phone....thanks! You made my day!

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