Saturdays well spent...

Or not. The dryer has been acting fuzzy, and I was told Thursday by my minions that it wasn't heating up. 

Nonsense, I responded. Stop putting it on 'air fluff' and it's fine. And for heaven's sake, don't use 'wrinkle shield' either. Both of those are ways to get out of sorting clean clothes. It's not like I ask them to put clothes away (or heaven forbid, fold them) I'm thinking of going straight to not sorting clean clothes either, and just having them throw their entire basket of clothes in and wash so that there isn't sorting either. Just laundry in and laundry out in the same basket. They can put it away or not. We wash on cold anyway....who cares? 

Anyway, so far off topic....today dh pulls out the heating element and it is gone. Like missing part of the coil shot to heck gone. I'm so thankful I have a man who can take apart dryers. We found the part in OKC for not so much (much less than a new dryer cost, heck, much less than a repairman fixing an old dryer would cost)

Unfortunately, by the time we made the drive to OKC, the store was closed. Aw man. We only have about thirteen loads waiting to go in there, and we haven't even GATHERED laundry since Wednesday. sigh. But we dropped off granpa's movies, and dropped off bunkbed parts that I've hoarded for a friend, and stopped at Super Cao to pick up a fair share of rice flour, potato starch, tapioca and rice noodles for our wheat-free guy. We even found some good tahini and a wheat-free, corn-free satay...so it's all good.

Got home, and dh rigged the broken coils to work, so we could run a fire-hazard in the basement. In fact, all the smoke was from old lint burning off, and the smoke detector only went off for a few minutes. But you should know that lint IS highly flammable, and you should keep your vents clean and dry. :-) Fortunately I had already left to eat dinner with friends, and that, readers, IS a Saturday well spent. 

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