Thanksgiving....TMI edition

I don't usually do belly shots...but here you go. HUGE for 25 weeks, yes? 
The tech assures me that there is only one in there. He's about two pounds. 
Is that all????? Dang.
Today is Thanksgiving (okay, it's almost Thanksgiving...I'm cheating and doing this before I go to bed because tomorrow I have two pans of stuffing to make (one wheat-free, with homemade wheat-free corn bread and homemade wheat-free yeast bread, one corn-free), wheat-free pumpkin pie, wheat-free/corn-free pumpkin bread, wheat-free/corn-free/milk-free green bean casserole, and maybe yeast rolls, I need to talk to my mom and see what kind of bread she's making to take to my aunt's house. Is it safe for Bre?) How many sets of parentheses did I just use?

Anyway, I have so many things to be thankful for, and most of all is my children. I was told before I got married that I'd never have kids! We lost our first, and that broke my heart...we've lost three more late term, and possibly another one or two early babies...but those are iffy. I'm blessed to be pregnant now, although it's been a difficult pregnancy, both emotionally and physically. We are quiverful, but there are times when I've prayed that God not wish my quiver SO full. :-)  I am having preterm labor, somewhat controlled by the same progesterone that I was taking earlier in the pregnancy. Ten  more weeks is the minimum for a homebirth, so we're taking it one day at a time. Pretty much all any of us can do, despite what semblance of control we think we have.

What are you thankful for today??


Alex Polikowsky said...

beautiful! You look gorgeous!
I am thnakful to have my beautiful children, health and a great hubby that lets me do whatever I want.

hahamommy said...

What a B.E.A.U.tiful Belly mama!! (and I'm totally digging that haircut, good thing you're *already* preggers, hee hee)

Today I am mostly thankful for ME -- for the wisdom I gain every single day in this crazy experience as diana. Which, by default, makes me grateful for all ya'll in my universe ;)

P.S. Yer heart ain't broke, I swear. It just feels that way when it gets stretched by sadness <3 It's really getting bigger and bigger to hold all the love in your life!!