Emily turns ten

It's amazing to think that once she was just a baby, and a cute one at that.
Now she's a mamacita...she cooks and cleans and loves to take care of babies. Her favorite games are all online....webkins and club penguin. She has so many good friends, and a great sense of humor...just sarcastic enough to be funny without hurting ;-)

We worked together on a safe cake for all of our allergen friends. She melted dairy-free, gluten-free chocolate chips to make chocolate hearts for the top. We called it the wheat-free, volcano cake. The palm oil icing was first hard, then after we mixed in ricemallow creme, it was melty no matter what. So we just suffered and ate it ;-)
It was a girl party, fer sure! We had hair bows and brushes for party favors...
And made bracelets....
and our own lipgloss from unpetroleum jelly.
But our favorite part was having our friends here with us!
Her gifts were all so thoughtful, grandma Lala gave her a radio, grandma Kat a handmade cookbook with her favorite recipes...I need to get a picture of that up. Breanna bought her a club penguin doll and trading cards, and dad got her a bike (mom got her the matching helmet, I'm not sure dad thought of it). She got two new cutie cute webkins, and a gorgeous set of PJ's, that are soft and fluffy and she actually changed into the shirt as soon as everyone left. A paintable birdhouse promises lots of fun!


Emma said...

Hope you had a happy birthday Emily


Melissa said...

Sorry you guys missed it!