Epiphany arrives...and with it our pageant!

Featuring the kids of St Mike's

"How can this be, as I have no husband?" 
am I the only one who snickers at this line EVERY year?
She was so excited to be Mary this year, even if she was married to a boy.
This is the girl who says that she's never getting married or having children.
"Not if the baby has to come out of THERE!"
Dan's third year as sheep, he really has outgrown even the largest costume.
I'm thinking we're going to have to sew another one or pay him to be something else.
But he LOVES being the sheep. Bre's always a shepherd though, funny.
My cutie sheep and his sister shepherd.
Sam got to be a wise man this year.
I LOVED that he spent two weeks practicing his lines
"Hail! KING of kings" or is it "HAIL! King of KINGS"?
"I bring GOLD to crown him" or is it "I bring gold to crown HIM"?

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