Funny sayings

Sam says "Wouldn't it be funny if someone got to the edge of our galaxy and there was an exit sign?"

I think he's ready for the Hitchhikers Guide...only the best book ever written.

Avari is still singing 'GloOoOooOooOOoooOOOria...in excelsis deo'

Dan is singing 'Angels we have heard on high...swinging neatly in the sky'

Emily and Rachel spent a good deal of the game last night giggling over the football players ("Teehee....they have cramps"), while Josh smirked every time an announcer said the word 'penetration' 

Breanna, just stimming. Somehow not as amusing when it's been three days of "We do NOT jump on the cars!"


Sylvia said...

Yep, the funniest thing my boys have heard all week was when they figured out that Dan backwards is nad. Just screamingly funny for them.

Heather said...

ha! made me laugh out loud!