How have we never done this?

For Christmas the girls got little generic perler bead sets.
They loved them. I love them.
SO much that we went and bought a bucket of 10,000 beads. The real ones work better.
As my friend said, this is one of those crafts where you beg them to use all the supplies asap, 
so that the pieces don't reside in your carpet for so long.
Bre's designs
Dan loves rainbow, it's his favorite color
Rachel is designing an entire community.
Everyone has made tons, but some I can't put up because they are surprises for friends. 
Esp those with birthdays coming up. But our piano is absolutely covered with designs.


hipumpkins said...

Those look great!! I am going to look into those.

Alex Polikowsky said...

that is the one you iron them??????
thats what we got PLUS the pixels one too! Very cool!!!