Quilts for Kids (girls)

These are all from Granma Kat, it was their big (twin-sized anyway!) Christmas present...she embroidered and appliqued and then quilted these, after carefully finding the perfect theme and fabric. They are amazing!
Emily's, with 12 hand-appliqued hearts of special fabric

And last but not least, Breanna. Her fabric was so cheerful and bright, my favorite part was the appliqued purple lace wheel that you can ALMOST see at the bottom

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Sylvia said...

I love the quilts. My grandma made quilts for her oldest 5 grandchildren (I'm #3) at birth. Sadly, her arthritis worsened after my sister was born, so the other grandkids missed out! They were twin-size, beautiful and well-loved. They were lost over the years, tho.

Andy used a flannel blanket that had belonged to my dh, and was made by dh's grandma as part of my mother in law's hope chest. The very worn shreds are saved in a storage bag. I have two others that were less used, I keep meaning to mount them for display.