or day in the life of unschoolers!
Work before fun...Ava practices piano
Then jumps on the couch
a little smackeral of something to eat?
and consider a craft...birdy cathedral to be painted?
The famous people wrap it out and skedaddles before we head out for the day
The rest of the day was spent driving, tedious for anyone, i'm not going to share pictures of it. We did have Kitchen Creations, however, I had no pictures for THAT either, mostly because my prego belly left me exhausted and lounging (as much as one can) in a metal folding chair. Thank goodness for the three kids who CAN measure and mix on their own, Dan wound up wearing one egg, Breanna fluffed who knows how much cocoa into her already strained sinuses, and Sam....oh, Sam. Did SO good, except not one of his measuring spoons came out full. So his cake was definitely a learning experience. Avari just wanted to watch me measure her dry goods, and then stirred vigorously. All over the table. And then licked her hands clean. 

yay bedtime ;-)

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