Twelve days of Christmas

The picture is the teenagers singing Point of Grace's song, "One King", and they asked the younger kids to sing the chorus at the end. They also sang "Not that Far", which is just lovely. All of the inclusive music was a welcome break from the choirmasters usual 12th century chanting or 14th century luting. sooo tired of not feeling like we're at worship, just a performance.

So here's some more info on the 12 days of Christmas and one more picture. Seriously, pregnant at Christmas is always hard on me, but I was weeping nearly the entire pageant. When the kids sing, fills me with so much joy and hope. Avari, singing Away in a Manger...lifting her hands during the communion song "I will raise them up" ....dancing in the pew for "Go Tell it on the Mountain" Just lovely, especially considering that Episcopals are not the most demonstrative denomination out there...not called God's frozen chosen for nothing...but not my kids lol!

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