Action Figure Museum

Is a LOT of fun...
Pretend you are Godzilla...and eat the Barbies!
Play with tons of hands-on stuff...
Who knew Bre had such good taste...he's my fav too!
By far, the favorite place was the dress-up room...
Dan is sooo cute "Turtle Turtle"
I like how this just looks so...every day.
Emily says her favorite part was adult collectors display, because it had so many details.
and our Princess Peach ALWAYS wears a dress.
I dunno, he looks like Darth Spud to me.
The kids had such a good time, and even want to go back. i'm so glad dh was able and willing to spend this time with them, he's such a good dad. 

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Alex Polikowsky said...

what a fun day!!!!!!!!!!