Valentines Day

We started early on Friday, with our potluck
Making heart shaped cookies and cakes and pizzas...Yum!
The girls made valentines most of the day...
And we continued our tradition of bible study making a valentine from God
It has bible verses of love on each side, and the littles glued on tissue to the heart
There's a lot of love in the bible, people tend to skip those verses for the meaner ones.
Saturday dh gave me a valentine gift of quiet...he took the kids for THEIR gift..
to the Action Figure Museum, in Paul's Valley.
They had a GREAT time...I'll post more later.
And they ate out dinner, while I sat at home and scrapbooked.
And slept.
And cleaned a bit.
And shopped for some more paint supplies for our bathroom.

Dh came home with three less kids...he dropped some off at their friend's house to spend the night. I had two stuffed smurfs for him, brainy smurf and smurfette ~hugs~ and the traditional bag of m&ms (his fav)
He got me a sock monkey and bag of doves (MY fav) 
and in an attempt to get in Valentines Day, the Birth of this baby and my birthday, he got me
AN IPHONE! Holy moly
He's been wanting to do that a while, so I guess he legitimized it :-P

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