Cool phrases of the day....

"Mommy! Red and blue make PURPLE!" Ava

"What about mom?" Sam, while eating his ice cream

"Hey mom...I brushed my hair only you can't really tell!" Dan

"My zoo would only have unicorns and abominable snowmen" Rachel

"Ma, is it alright if I just hang out with you?" Emily

"I'm gunna geta-geta-geta-geta beeeeeeeans" Breanna

"Hey, I can help with that...." Josh, to Dan, about the computer

oh, and on more recent one
"When I grow up to be Darth Vader, I'll have to kill people. Sigh." Ava

1 comment:

Alex Polikowsky said...

May the force be with you Ava!
and get some beans to the girl will you!