"We don't send children to public schools to learn to be Chinese or Russian or Greek or Korean," Ravitch said. "We send them to learn to be American." ~ Diane Ravich, in an argument against minority-based charter schools.

That's funny. As a homeschooler I've been told that I need to send my kids to school so that they can 1) socialize or 2) become academically proficient. Now the truth comes out, that public schools are to teach children to be American. Are they not American by the benefit of being born here? So if our children are born American, then who they are by definition is American, and they no longer need public education. Is my logic off?


hahamommy said...

ummm, yeah, it's *your* logic that's off... yeah, that's what *they* want you to think anyway... sheesh

Julie said...

no kidding- i hear all the time that my teen should be in school so he can sneak around to do all the forbidden stuff and then i am supposed to attempt to catch him doing it and punish him in some manner