Finally did my first prefold

Dh wanted prefolds instead of buying more fuzzibunz...that's what he grew up with. We tried prefolds with Josh and hated it, not knowing that the prefolds you buy in the store are poor quality and doom you to failure. :-)

Prefolds are a lot cheaper than most cloth diapers, and a little more work. You can buy them for less than $2 each, even for the really nice diaper service quality ones, but when I found a website that shows you how to make them from old t-shirts, I was all over that!


My homemade prefold in red (go OU!), fuzzibunz in the middle, and extra prefold we got from who knows where, it's the only one we have!

They all three absorb about the same amount of water (hence the wet spots, honest). My prefold was free from t-shirts Zane was given. Fuzzibunz were free from a friend (we have about 13) but cost around $20. Our singular premade prefold, which would cost $2 each with shipping if we bought a pack of 24. I do plan on cutting some fleece to use as liners, to help with clean-up.

It was a little more work to sew it than I planned (and what was given from the website), but mostly because all of Zane's shirts are different thicknesses, so I decided instead of folding over each other and having thinner t-shirt on one side, I'd just cut the thicker t-shirts into six inch widths and sew them in the middle, turn the whole thing over and top-stitch.

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