I CAN have a vaginal birth

I was blessed with a cesarean, I guess, back in the day when VBACs were 'allowed', because when I looked at the ICAN website and their new database of hospies in the US, I was shocked to see that out of the nearly sixty hospitals in Oklahoma, only seven allow VBACs (and none of them are one of the three hospitals in which I had a VBAC. I had three hospital VBACs, and they did all the things that are not allowed these days, ie induction. Except Sam, who came on his own...but the staff at Norman Regional were supportive of no monitoring, no IV, they let me labor alone with dh. Now, they are banned in 'de facto', meaning that no OB that is contracted there does VBAC. And nothing against Durant (I even know where that is!) but how can THEY have a hospital that allows VBACS, but all these big city hospitals in the OKC and Tulsa metro don't?

Time has a magazine article this week about the risks of multiple cesareans, and how 57% of women with repeat csections desired a VBAC but were discouraged.  Check it out....

From I-CAN, the international cesarean awareness network...

OU Medical Center Oklahoma City Oklahoma Allowed

Saint Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City Oklahoma Allowed

Reynolds Army Community Hospital Fort Sill Oklahoma Allowed

St. John Medical Center Tulsa Oklahoma Allowed

Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa Oklahoma Allowed

Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma - Durant Durant Oklahoma Allowed

Muskogee Regional Medical Center Muskogee Oklahoma Allowed


Sylvia said...

Okay, so Durant is kinda podunk, but it's not all bad. It's kinda far from where you live, tho.

We lived in Durant when I was little -- I went to kindergarten there, learned to play 'kiss tag' that year. yeah, I was a precocious 5yo...

Alex Polikowsky said...

4 more days!!!!!!!!!!that is what I say!

Sylvia said...

yep, you and I picked the same day, Alex! I'm checking back twice a day to see if there's news yet.

I think Tuesday would be a lovely day for a new baby.