Not allowed to have a baby any time soon...

My dad had a heart attack on Tuesday, after resting for a few days, they were finally able to do open-heart surgery today (they needed to let the blood thinners work out of his system, lest he bleed to death)

Today was a long day, lots of iffy moments. I've spent the last few evenings at the hospy with my mom, and go there at 7am this morning to hang out all day. It's really a horrible thing to see your dad go through this. And to know that it's all from smoking and poor diet. He's in ICU right now, my mom says she'll call when they pull the vent tube, which if his bp stays up and his heart rate down, should be about 5am. IF he doesn't start bleeding again.

Anyway, told baby that he had to stick in there for a lil while longer. LOL! Mom had vacation time this week, but next week I'll be spending Thursday at the hospy helping him out. Sister has Wednesday, and mom's off Friday, aunt has Saturday and God willing he can come home next Monday. 

I'm so thankful to Christy, who stayed with the kids today, and Heather, who volunteered to keep kids next Thursday so dh doesn't miss too much work before baby is born. I'll be really ticked if he can't take off to take care of ME after all this. ;-)


Hilary said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope everything goes as well as possible.

Zane said...

I'll take off from work as long as needed for you!


Alex Polikowsky said...

Sorry about you dad. How sweet of Zane.
Hey just too make you a little moe overwhelmed I just tagget you. Feel free to ignore

Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Hey Melissa,
Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he makes a full & speedy recovery. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and I am always willing to let your kiddos hang out at my place if you need me.