A little birthday fun....

Rachel's turned nine, and it's amazing to me how fast time flies. Just last year we planned a huge multigirl birthday party. this year she wanted unicorns. I have few good pictures, as my dad was in the hospital and HE is the picture guy. 
But here is the gigantico bear she has been wanting for years. 
On top of that, she got something like six webkins, a littlekin, an art set, and money. 
Seems to me I'm missing something but I'm behind the times.
And the craft was fun too, she wanted to make marshmallow animals. We had about ten bags of marshmallows and a few boxes of toothpicks (which I'm STILL stepping on a week later)
The spider was my favorite...
Our last goal was to get her a bike, but not a brand new one. We've been refinishing the bike I had at her age, and we JUST got the tires and tubes today. We had to special order, since the bike was so old, the ratio of sidewall height to tire height was different. But Al's pulled through for us, and even installed on the rims, cleaned up the rims, etc. We'll put the bike together this weekend, I hope. She's really excited (Whew! I was worried she'd say she wanted a new bike like everyone else, but she's loving the retro)

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