For Sandra....monkey platters!

The idea behind monkey platters is not only to offer autonomy (especially to those little ones for whom digging in the fridge might be a bad idea) but also to have convenient snacks for those of us who might not realize they are hungry, until they are HONGRAY! 

There are so many of us, that we have the big TW party tray, and usually bowls of extra stuff.
I think I should just get another TW tray, but honestly, I'd just be refilling the sections more often.

Up close, even more autonomy.
We make little flags with toothpicks and post-it notes, so the kids with allergies can know what is safe without having to ask all the time. 
Green is for wheat-free, yellow for corn-free.
Today was all requests...
corn chips with fat-free beans
kettle chips with sour cream and dill dip
non-sweet yogurt with honey, for dip
apples, strawberries, cukes and carrot chips
walnuts, wheat-free pretzels.
We usually have a section with chocolate chips, but no one wanted them this time.
They really wanted that space to have the dip.
I guess the chocolate was for me ;-)

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Sylvia said...

I love the idea of monkey platters -- wish my kids liked them.

They are grazers, but Andy especially insists on fresh food -- this minute fresh, not today-fresh.

Dan will ask for a sliced apple or banana sometimes, and he'll eat cheese & crackers, if it appears I made it for my own snacking.

They're both good at helping themselves thru out the day to whatever is in the fridge or pantry.